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Operations Security Trust (or "Ops-T") forum is a highly vetted community of security
professionals focused on the operational robustness, integrity, and security
of the Internet. The community promotes responsible action against malicious
behavior beyond just observation, analysis and research. Ops-T carefully
expands membership pulling talent from many other security forums looking
for strong vetting with in three areas:

* sphere of trust;
* sphere of action;
* the ability to maintain a "need to know" confidentiality.

Operations Security Trust (or "Ops-T") members are in a position to directly affect
Internet security operations in some meaningful way. The community's members
span the breadth of the industry including service providers, equipment
vendors, financial institutions, mail admins, DNS admins, DNS registrars,
content hosting providers, law enforcement organizations/agencies, CSIRT
Teams, and third party organizations that provide security-related services
for public benefit (e.g. monitoring or filtering service providers). The
breadth of membership, along with an action plus trust vetting approach
creates a community which would be in a position to apply focused attention on
the malfeasant behaviors which threaten the Internet.


* will be privy to lists of infected IP addresses, compromised
accounts, bot c&c lists and other data that should be acted upon.
* are expected to take appropriate action within their domain of control.
* are expected to contribute data as appropriate and in a fashion that
does not violate any laws or corporate policies.

Ops-T does not accept applications for membership. New candidates are
nominated by their peers who are actively working with them on improving the
operational robustness, integrity, and security of the Internet.

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